ISRC & Registration

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC)

IFPI worldwide is the appointed agent by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) to administer the International Standard Recording Code – ISRC.  IFPI (Hong Kong Group) is the official agent appointed by IFPI to administer the assignment of Registrant Code to sound /audiovisual recording copyright creators based in Hong Kong for purpose of publication of the recordings in the market, whether under physical products or electronically in the online environment. ISRC is a standard set by ISO for purpose of music recording title identification including by electronic means. The applicant upon proof of identity supported by Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate (BR), or for individuals who normally domicile in Hong Kong their ID card copy, and warrant to observe and follow the rules set out under ISRC manual as published and revised from time to time, would be assigned the Registrant Codes. For more details regarding ISRC, you may visit

Two Registrant Codes are assigned per successful applicant, one for sound recording (audio only recordings) and one for audiovisual recordings (such as music video). The applicants would then use this Registrant Code to make up the rest of the ISRC to arise at an unique code to be assigned to each individual recording it creates as a First Copyright Owner for publication. The Registrant is responsible to keep records of all codes it assigned and the associated title information.  In principle, the use of ISRC is for the first copyright owner to assign an unique ISRC to each of their own recordings under publication purpose.  A mere licensee of recordings should therefore ask the original copyright owner for the original assigned ISRCs for any use.  Assigning an ISRC by a licensee must be conducted under consent by the original owner and with clear understanding that there was no ISRC assigned to the recording before.

In applying for the ISRC Registrant Code, the applicant should acquire a copy of the application form from IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Limited. The applicant should complete, sign the application form and return it with supporting documents for smooth processing. At present, the application and the Registrant Code are free of charge.

Attaining an ISRC Registrant Code from IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Limited does not make it a member of the group.

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