About Us

“International Federation of the Phonographic Industry Hong Kong Group” was established in 1967 in Hong Kong and corporatized as a limited company since 1998. Its wide membership covers the majority of record companies that create music copyrights and/or import music products for exploitation under exclusive licence in Hong Kong.  It is 1 of the 45 federation members of IFPI that represents the recording industry worldwide with over 1,400 members in 66 countries.
The Company's priorities are:
  • Promote common interest of members and protecting members' copyright in the fight against music piracy & copyright infringing activities
  • Promote fair market access and drive for adequate copyright laws
  • Help to develop a sound online music environment for sustainable business development of the recording industry in the digital era
  • Promote common standard in music management and delivery technology for barrier free dissemination
  • Establish sales related award standards, conduct certification and presentation of industry awards by running annual events to raise awareness and respect of music copyright

The Hong Kong Group's wholly owned subsidiary Phonographic Performance (South East Asia) Limited collectively administers rights including broadcasting and public performance rights of music recordings on behalf of sound and audiovisual recording copyright owners.



IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Limited
CEO - Mr. Ricky Fung, BBS