Wednesday, 07 April 2010

IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award 2009, 7th April, 2010

IFPI Hong Kong Group Limited is proud to announce the result of the 9th IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award held last night at Convention Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event was officiated by Mr Alan Siu, Deputy Secretary (Communications and Technology), Commerce Economic Development Bureau, from Mainland China,Guangdong Ms Bai Ling, Southern Media Corporation, together with Hong Kong’s own Legislative Councilor Mr Timothy Fok the Hon.

This year’s event was a special one and it was for the first time a joint function with the IFPI Hong Kong Group Annual Dinner. Some 500 industry guests, fans, members and licensees were entertained and witnessed the event.
This year there were 52 awards presented to top sales recording artistes with achievement recorded in year 2009. The highlight of the event was the presentation of Top Sales Local Male and Female Artistes by entertainment celebrity Ms Lisa Wang. The awards went to Mr Raymond Lam and Janice respectively. 
Some background
The recording industry in Hong Kong is instrumental in the creation of Canto Pop markets. The industry association has a long history of presenting music awards since 1977, first in format as “Gold Disc Presentation”, bringing IFPI Hong Kong Group certified Gold and Platinum sales artistes in one annual event covered by television. This format was changed to meriting top sales achievements by recording artistes, with the emphasis on introducing new artistes to the scene. The award was re-titled as “IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award” from the year 2001. The industry is proud to announce that this year’s award presentation for year 2009 is held 7th April, 2010 at the Convention Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, meriting top sales during the past year ending 31st December. The event is produced by Television Broadcast Limited for Hong Kong audience and Chinese communities all over the world via TV and other forms of media. The event will be broadcast in TVB Jade Channel on the coming weekend, the 10th April, 2010 from 9:30p.m.
The awards are based entirely on audited sales revenue from physical goods such as CDs and DVDs achieved in Hong Kong, with rules and criteria designed and supported by the industry itself.
IFPI Hong Kong Group is proud to continue this award presentation as one of the core events since the inauguration of Hong Kong Entertainment Expo (HKEE) in the year 2005.