Wednesday, 09 September 2015

IFPI Hong Kong Group New Committee 2015

In accordance with the Articles of our company, The IFPI Hong Kong Group is pleased to announce result of the election at the AGM held 8th September, 2015

The members of the Year 2015 Committee of our company are:

Mr. Ng Yu
Mr. Gary Chan
Mr. Colin Cheung
Ms. Flora Kwong
Mr. Gary Lam
Mr. Andy Lai
Mr. Keyman Luk

Election among the new committee members gave rise to:

Mr. Ng Yu - Chairman of the Committee of IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Limited,
Mr. Colin Cheung – Treasurer
Mr. Gary Chan is appointed the Vice Chairman of the Committee of IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Limited as well as
the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Phonographic Performance (South East Asia) Limited.

May the members please join us to congratulate the elected members and we wish to thank all candidates accepted to run for election.

ifpihkg new committee2015

IFPI HKG New Committee 2015 and CEO