Thursday, 22 August 2013

IFPI Hong Kong Group New Committee 2013

IFPI Hong Kong Group New Committee


The AGM 2012 was held 21 August, 2013 and the meeting concluded with the election of the Commmittee of the year 2013 until the next AGM.

The IFPI Hong Kong Group is pleased to announce the Chairman and Treausre of the company as follows:

  • Chairman - Mr. NG Yu
  • Vice Chairman - Mr. Gary Chan
  • Treasurer - Mr. Colin Cheung


Committee Members

  • Ms. Flora Kwong
  • Mr. Gary Lam
  • Mr. Herman Ho
  • Ms. Syllina Tong

(In alphabetical order)

In addition, the office bearer appointed for PPSEAL's Board of Directors are:       

  • Chairman - Mr. Gary Chan
  • Vice Chairman - Mr. Herman Ho


The Group congratulates the new committee for the year 2013.

IFPI HKG New Committee 2013

From Left : Mr. Gary Lam, Ms. Flora Kwong, Mr. Colin Cheung, Mr. NG Yu, Mr. Herman Ho, Ms. Syllina Tong,
                  Mr. Gary Chan, Mr. Ricky Fung