Thursday, 17 May 2012

IFPI Hong Kong Group New Committee 2012

IFPI Hong Kong Group New Committee


The IFPI Hong Kong Group is pleased to announce that the result of the election of the 2012 7 members Committee at the AGM held 16th May, 2012 is:

  • Mr. Colin Cheung
  • Mr. Desmond Lee
  • Ms. Flora Kwong
  • Mr. Gary Chan
  • Mr. Gary Lam
  • Mr. Herman Ho
  • Mr. NG Yu

(In alphabetical order)

In addition,
Mr. NG Yu is re-elected as the Chairman of the Committee.
Mr. Colin Cheung is re-elected as the Treasurer of the Group.

And Mr. Gary Chan who is re-elected as Vice Chairman of the Committee is continued his appointment as the Chairman of PPSEAL, and
Mr. Herman Ho as the Vice Chairman of PPSEAL.

The Committee may serve the full term until the next AGM for re-election.

The Group congratulates these members for their election, and also would like to thank the previous Committee for their contribution.