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Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival – 2011

 Press Announcement
22 December, 2010

Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival – 2011

The IFPI (Hong Kong Group) is extremely pleased that with the support of Create Hong Kong, HKSAR Government, our project, Asia's music mega event, the Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival will be held on 23rd March 2011 in Hong Kong, in collaboration with Hong Kong Trade Development Council

As Asian music business is shaping very fast in adopting new models to meet market demands, some of which have now matured and resulted in integration of different music sectors to driving local entertainment business; like record production, online distribution, artiste management and concert promotion. The emphasis in building artiste and repertoire across markets to reap the benefits of the build up infrastructure, and to unite these groups is now prominent.

The IFPI Hong Kong Group took the lead to seed this union of markets in the region to promote Asian Pop Music, by hosting HKAMF to look for the next super nova in the region. HKAMF invites new recording artistes in the region to compete at the HKAMF song contest for the super nova titles. To raise public and media attention, super artistes from each of the participating country/territory, namely China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong will provide their showcase performance on the same stage.

The show will be produced as a TV program for broadcast in the participating territories and beyond. HKAMF supports B2B event too. Music professionals such as label people, concert promoters and media will come to Hong Kong for the business networking and the seminars, and in particular to bring home the result of HKAMF to drive new levels of market reach.

The IFPI Hong Kong Group, representing the recording industry in Hong Kong is pleased to receive this support from our government. More over, IFPI Hong Kong Group through months of preparation, and with the assistance of overseas industry bodies in contestant nominations, have chosen the finalists with the help of an independent panel comprised of representatives from Commercial Radio, Metro Broadcast, RTHK and TVB, joined with CASH.

As the event is going to be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 23rd March, 2011, we expect the venue will house an audience of over 5000. When a major part of this capacity will be offered to the Hong Kong public for free admission, IFPI (Hong Kong Group) hopes to announce methods in distributing these tickets to the public. This is an exciting moment. The recording industries in the region take the bold step in building the future by elevating artiste and repertoire development across markets, improving competition and popular music cultural development. Our members are going to mobilize quite a substantial amount of resources. Aside from the group's own support, the additional budget of some HK$8 million comes from IFPI Hong Kong Group, sponsors as well as from Create Smart Initiative that has approved to support some HK$5.47 million in funding.

IFPI Hong Kong Group welcomes and is open to sponsorship from business entities in Hong Kong that reckon value of music to the people

We are also happy to announce the following details:

The Awards are:

  • 2011 HKAMF - Super Nova Award
      ( 2011 香港亞洲流行音樂節 超級新星大獎 )
  • 2011 HKAMF - Best Vocal Performance Award
      ( 2011 香港亞洲流行音樂節 最佳歌曲演繹獎 )
  • 2011 HKAMF - Best Stage Performance Award
      ( 2011 香港亞洲流行音樂節 最佳舞台表演獎 )


The adjudicating panel at the finals
One music celebrity from each participating country is invited to form the 7 member adjudication panel to select the above awards.

Finalist, Superstar performer and adjudicator list
We plan to announce in detail on 1st March, 2011, the HKAMF press conference.

Part of Hong Kong Entertainment Expo
HKAMF is a new edition of HKMF and is a core program of Hong Kong Entertainment Expo in Hong Kong.


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