Tuesday, 21 May 2019

IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Announcement on Gold Disc

IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Announcement on Gold Disc
(10th May,2019)

The IFPI (Hong Kong Group) is pleased to announce that members in Hong Kong remain supporting the official certification of Gold Disc as a key to promoting public awareness and fans loyalty. The presentation of 2 Gold Discs, namely “Dahlia II” and “Senses Inherited” achieved by eminent artiste HINS CHEUNG from the EEG label was held at a press conference on 9th May, 2019 in Hong Kong. It was a significant moment as the Gold Discs were entirely achieved through sales of physical units according to current IFPI (Hong Kong Group) rules, and certified by common auditors Patrick Wong C.P.A. Limited.

The IFPI (Hong Kong Group) is currently looking at revising the Gold Disc Certification Rules to include Digital Music revenue achievements entirely by itself and/or a mixture with physical products.

The new standard will be announced after passed at a General Meeting by the members of the group, hopefully within this year.


Presenting two Gold Disc Awards to Hins Cheung were CEO of Emperor Entertainment Group Ms. Shirley Hughes (left) and CEO of IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Ltd Mr. Ricky Fung (right).